Calex Tablets

Calex Tablets

CALEX tablets increase caloric expenditure by imparting thermogenic effect. Fat is like wax which melts on heating and consolidates on cooling. The thermogenic ingredients burn unwanted calories and thereby help to overcome obesity and overweight.

Each film coated tablet contains :
Commiphora mukul100 mg
Gudmar Gymnema sylvestere100 mg
Saxifraga ligulata75 mg
Plumbago zeylanica50 mg
Embelia ribes25 mg
Trikatu25 mg
Cuminum cyminum25 mg
Ferula narthex25 mg

Ultikare-9 Medicine

Ultikare-9 Medicine

Ultikare- 9 is effective against all types of chronic nonhealing wounds and avoids amputation in diabetic patients.

Dose Overview:

Each 50 ml of Ultikare-9 contains :
Azadirachta indica( Neem)50gm
Ichnocarpus frutescens(Black Creeper)500mg
Berberis aristata (Brahmi)500mg
Symplocos racemosa( Lodhra)500mg
Curcuma longa(Turmaric)3.750gm
Capsicum abbreviate500mg
Jasminum officinale (True Jasmine)500mg
Sesamum indicum oil (Sesame seed)12.50 ml
Picrorrhiza kurrooa(Kautki)500mg
Brassica juncea oil( Indian Mustard)12.50 ml
Pongamia pinnata(Pongum)500mg
Coconus nucifera oil( Coconut)12.50 ml
Rubia cordifolia(Manjistha)500mg
Ricinus communis(Castor Oil Plant)12.50 ml
Saussurea lappa( Snow Lotus)500mg
Cupric Sulphate125 mg
Terminalia chebula(Hardad)500mg
Beeswax1.0 gm
Trichosanthes diocia(Parwal)3750 gm
Phylanthus niruri25mg

Diabetic Foot ulcer, Bed sores, Venous ulcers, Arterial ulcers, Varicose ulcers, Skin infections War wounds, Chronic diabetic wounds, Burns, Traumatic Wounds.

Application :
Clean and dress the affected area with Ultikare-9.

LIMIN Tablets

LIMIN Tablets

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of LIMIN Tablets and our product is made up of good quality.


Herbal composition to Limit the intake and thereby prevent the carving for intake of food

LIMIN modifies this enzyme activity which in turn reduces surplus appetite. There are other benefits of LIMIN as protective barrier of the stomach mucosa to prevent the thermogenic effects of CALEX. The formulation intended to limit the intake possess proton pump inhibitory, anti-ulcer and cyto-protective activity and should be consumed 3-4 hours before meals to achieve optimum benefit.

Each film coated tablet contains :
Hemidesmus indicus75 mg
Ficus bengalensis75 mg
Azadirachta indica50 mg
Adhatoda vasica.50 mg
Mucuna pruriens50 mg
Asparagus racemosus50 mg
Ficus glomerata50 mg

Indications :
Overweight and obesity

Dosage : 1-2 tablets 3-4 hours before meals with warm water , twice daily

Presentation :
HDPE bottle of 60 tablets
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